Why Should Boat Manufacturers and Brokers Contract with Boat Transport Companies?

Is a boat transport service right for your organization?

Professional boat haulers (in Florida) perform the majority of their boat transport services with private citizens, not professional businesses. However, boat transport companies have a lot to offer professionals as well, especially boat manufacturers and brokers. If you build or broker sea vessels, here’s how contracting boat transport companies with hydraulic trailers can help drive your sales and profits!

How Can Boat Haulers in Florida Help Manufacturers?

Boat shipping companies are a valuable asset to any manufacturer for a wide variety of reasons, capable of safely and reliably delivering finished vessels into the hands of large-scale clients and dealerships without delay. Some manufacturers attempt to establish their own in-house boat shipping division, but only a licensed boat transport company with an established reputation can provide:  

·         The Right Paperwork: Boat transporters in Florida face complicated permit and licensing laws that most manufacturers simply do not have the time to learn. These permits can be difficult and costly to obtain, and the financial penalties for improper boat transport in Florida are harsh and unforgiving.

·         The Right Connections: Boat haulers in Florida have to maintain in constant contact with marinas or harbors. These businesses relationships can take years for the boat seller to establish. Professional boat shipping companies, however, already have the networking in place to get the job done smoothly.

·         Quick and Efficient Results: When it comes to boat transport in Florida, the client expects a fast and easy delivery with no problems. Each marina destination has its own rules and policies, and boat haulers in Florida know the ins and outs of each one. This saves time, prevents complications, and ensures repeat business from customers.

How Can Boat Shipping Companies Help Brokers?

Boat shipping companies are the ultimate assistant for brokers of any type of vessel, from sailboats to private yachts. If you own a boat brokerage, consider the positive aspects of hiring a boat transport company:

·         Customer Convenience: When a customer is eyeing your boats, they picture themselves already out in the ocean, enjoying the outdoors. What they are usually not thinking about, however, is how they are going to get this boat transported to their home. By contracting third-party boat transport, Florida customers have one less thing to worry about and are more likely to buy!

·         Client Satisfaction: Boat companies with hydraulic trailers have the professional experience and equipment to get your boat delivered safely and on time. Unless your client wants to select from the many boat transport companies with hydraulic trailers on their own, having a boat transport company on-hand ensures you will have a sterling reputation.

·         Save Overhead: Having your own boat transport service is simply one more opportunity to throw money away. Sure, you’ll be able to provide boat transport services to your customers, but you have to hire more employees, obtain costly licenses and permits, and upgrade your equipment to compete with the other boat transport companies with hydraulic trailers. Plus, in times when people are less likely to buy boats (during stretches of bad weather, for example), you’ll still have to pay for all that overhead, maintenance, and added liability!