3 Ways to Save Big on Boat Shipping Costs

Boat hauling can get fairly expensive if you are not careful, but there are plenty of things that you can do to minimize your boat shipping cost. We don’t want you to pay more than you have to, so here are three great boat hauling tips that will keep your boat shipping costs at an absolute minimum.

Provide Accurate Boat Hauling Measurements

Unlike most industries, the boat transportation industry heavily relies on its customers to provide accurate measurements. This is important for three reasons:

·         Paperwork – when a boat hauling company arrives to load and transport your vessel, they need to have all of the appropriate boat shipping permits ready. An accurate estimate ensures that no additional permits are needed, which prevents any costly last-minute delays.

·         Accuracy – your boat’s shipping cost depends on a wide variety of factors, including width, height, weight, and the number of miles. If your vessel is larger than originally planned, you may require a rear escort, a larger trailer, and a number of other precautions that can quickly add up. 

·         No fines, no fees – some businesses have penalties for delaying loadings because there are other appointments to consider. Providing an accurate measurement will make sure that the transportation company has the correct-sized trailer and other considerations.

Check all shipping options

If you have a small boat that does not take much room, you may be ship your boat alongside another. A larger trailer may cost less money if two owners share the boat shipping costs. It all depends on size so make sure to measure your boat appropriately.

Discuss the Boat Shipping Fees

If you don’t understand a term in your boat shipping cost contract, speak up, we are here to assist you with any questions you may have. Be sure to understand any and all fees due to weather, mechanical issues, and anything else. Asking questions now can save you money later.