The difference between success and failure is a great team. We are very proud of our team of logisticians.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." --Michael Jordan

Express Boat Transport is a family run boat, yacht and equipment logistics and transport business. Our crew of expert logisticians have been serving our clients for over 20 years -- we have deep experience transporting boats, yachts and heavy equipment. We are wide load national and international transport and hauling specialists. We are well versed in transporting power boats, sailboats, and multiple loads throughout the nation and abroad. We specialize in transporting of all types of loads — no job is too small or too large.


Alfred Luna , Captain & Founder

Alfred Luna, Captain & Founder

Alfred Luna, Captain and Founder

As the captain & founder of our company. He is a visionary leader who has built an organization that embodies openness, imagination, persistence, and conviction.

Alfred is the head of our crew. His love and dedication to the boating industry is what makes our company whole. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and every day enjoys it more and more. He can handle any aspect of the company. His versatility allows him to be more than just a captain. From answering phone calls, hiring drivers, to even helping deliver your boat safe and sound, he does it all.

You can read Alred's Blog, where he shares his hard earned wisdom and insights on making the most out of life.

Lilly Luna , First Mate

Lilly Luna, First Mate

Lilly Luna, First Mate

Lilly is our first mate in the crew. She handles all of our accounting. Her charisma and friendliness makes her a pleasure to work with. She is the one who is always on top of things to make sure the company runs as smooth as possible and to make sure you, our client, are receiving the best service humanly possible. You can definitely say she's the heart and soul of this ship.

Adriana Cespedes , Watch-keeper (2nd Mate)

Adriana Cespedes, Watch-keeper (2nd Mate)

Adriana Cespedes, Watch-keeper (2nd Mate)

Adriana is the youngest of our office crew. Despite her young age, this bright young lady will help assure your boat, or heavy equipment, arrives safely. Her duties in the safety department are to maintain our crew and drivers working as safely and efficient as possible. 

John Votava , Navigator

John Votava, Navigator

John Votava, Navigator

John is your navigator, he manages and runs our dispatch department. John handles defining the most efficient routes so your boat or yacht can arrive safely and on time. He is always on top of the loads and he knows what would be most beneficial, not only for the company, but most importantly, to you.

He is one full of life and not only does the crew think he's a pleasure to work with, but the customers as well.