Should You Use an International Marine Transport Company or a Shipping Broker?

When it comes to international boat shipping, you have two options – you can either choose a shipping broker to work for you, or you can go directly to an international marine transport company such as Express Boat Transport. Shipbrokers are basically middlemen who negotiate between the ship’s owner and the charterers who provide international boat shipping services, but are they really necessary to negotiate the best international boat shipping rates? Let’s take a closer look and find out if you should find international boat transport companies on your own.

Express Boat Transport, an International Marine Transport Company, Provides Direct Customer Service

No matter what industry you are in, it’s generally better to talk directly to the folks in charge. When you use a shipping broker, you are receiving international boat transport quotes from a secondhand source which leaves plenty of room for potential miscommunications. When you speak directly to an international boat shipping company, you personally ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date international boat transport information possible.

Shipping Brokers Are in a Hurry

Almost every reputable international marine transport company has a semi-lengthy waiting period before their services will be made available to you. While it is true that shipbrokers are able to quickly schedule you with an international marine transport company based around your schedule, think carefully about why these international boat transport companies do not have a long waiting list. Why do they need a broker – is it because they have a bad reputation, poor management, a lack of staff, and other things to hide?

Shipping Brokers Are Expensive

The last thing you need to add to your growing list of international shipping costs is the shipbroker’s “finder’s fee”. Instead of paying the middleman, you most likely could have found a reputable international marine transport company on your own (there are no shortage of them) and pocketed the extra money. Don’t hire a shipbroker out of initial convenience – take the initiative and do the research yourself!