How to Choose the Best Boat Transport Company

Express Boat Transport is one of the best boat transport companies & we offer reliable boat transport services at competitive rates. Since choosing the wrong boat transportation can make the difference between a damaged vessel and a smooth ride, you must dedicate a lot of time and effort into selecting the right boat transport company for the boat transport services at-hand. Here is a brief checklist for you to follow when evaluating boat transport companies for their boat transport services.

Is The Boat Transport Company Authorized?

In order to provide boat transport services, all boat transportation companies must be fully licensed by the appropriate agencies. A certificate from the Federal Motor Carrier Authority (FMCA) and the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT), for example, shows that a boat transportation company is legally allowed to operate. To verify the status of boat transport companies, simply visit the SAFER website and enter the company’s credentials.

Is The Boat Transport Company Insured?

All boat transport companies must have adequate insurance, especially cargo insurance. Your personal boat insurance plan might not cover damages to your boat while in transit, and this is a boat transport cost that you can easily avoid. As such, you may want to purchase additional coverage to keep boat transport costs low in case of an accident.

Is The Boat Transport Company Traceable?

Some boat transport companies offer GPS tracking at no additional boat transport cost. This will allow you to clearly charter your vessel’s progress as it safely reaches its intended destination. Ask if your boat transport company offers this service.

Is The Boat Transport Company Credible?

A clean track record with lots of positive reviews is a surefire indication that a company can successfully deliver terrific boat transport services. Be sure to check their social media websites and the Better Business Bureau for any feedback, positive or otherwise.

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