We provide you with flexibility, technology, capacity, and experience; that makes us your best choice for affordable, dependable marine transportation. The only thing we want -- above all else -- is to earn your business and your trust. This is why we strive every day to bring you services that simplify your life -- quickly, efficiently and on budget.

We can save you money by shipping your boat bundled on our multi-boat transport trailers -- the same custom-built trailers that we use to provide factories, dealers and marinas with timely, and safe, high-volume short, mid and long-range boat hauling options.

Your peace of mind is our top priority. This is why we go the extra mile and invest in the best equipment and are licensed, bonded, and insured.




Our customers keep coming back. Regular customers include owners who have their boats transported from their permanent moorings to cruise in a different area, returning to home waters after their holidays or season.

Our customers love that we take care of everything so they can leave all the details to us.

Many jobs are not straightforward. Often, boats are to be placed at, or collected from, unusual sites; back gardens, inside factories, beneath overhead power cables, along narrow tree-lined lanes, on remote islands, rivers, and mountainsides, etc. These situations make the job challenging and rewarding. References from customers are readily available.




When you combine ethics, experience, insurance, and people, with the best equipment and communications infrastructure in the industry, you have a winning combination: Express Boat Transport.

We value every customer we've earned. Which is why, on behalf of our customers, we invest in -- and use -- some of the best equipment money can buy. As is with the equipment, the same goes for the talent that will be handling your boat: we invest in experienced professionals who are responsible and qualified.

Our nationwide communications network ensures that we maintain constant contact with our drivers. When bundled with our GPS equipped trucks, we can tell you where your haul is within minutes. This information will keep you informed as the job progresses.

Our professional staff of experienced logisticians will help keep things organized for you along the way. Having the information provided by our state of the art communications network on hand helps us keep your boat moving organized.