3 Crucial Yacht Shipping Tips (How to Prepare Your Vessel for Marine Transport

Yacht shipping is a great method of marine transportation to get to your international destination. Not only does yacht transport prevent wear-and-tear by trying to navigate through rough waters on your own, but it also one of the most reliable forms of marine transportation available. With that said, here are some great yacht shipping tips that will prepare your vessel for the exciting journey ahead.

Secure Your Belongings

The key to using a yacht transport service is to make sure your vessel is completely safe from damage – along with everything inside it. Be sure to:

·         Prevent leaks by taping the hatches

·         Secure all cabin windows

·         Lock the cabin doors (and tape them shut)

·         Place any fragile items in a safe location

Get the Right Insurance

Even if you have used yacht transport services a thousand times before, you can never be too safe. After all, it is better to be overly insured than the other way around.

Document Pre-Existing Damages

A lot of people take pictures of their car before receiving a tow, and yacht shipping is no different in this regard. Prior to yacht transport, inspect your vessel for damages and document any scuffs, scratches and dings with photographic evidence. If you have to disassemble any parts, be sure to take pictures of their current state.

Equipment Checklist

Make sure to unplug the boat’s batteries and put the cables away to avoid any accidental contact (the last thing you want is to have a dead battery on the water). Be sure to bring your registry and boat keys with you, and make sure you have all of your international paperwork in order. You should also empty your fuel and water tanks frequently, remove your anchors, remove the hull’s drain plugs, and check for water in the bilge.

For more tips on preparing your Yacht for transportation, give our boat shipment experts a call today.