Is Your Boat Oversized? Boat Transportation Laws, Explained!

A comprehensive analysis for determining if you require a special boat transportation company!

Every boat transportation company, whether they are national boat transporters, or local boat transporters from Florida, are required to abide by every word of the Chapter 316 State Uniform Traffic Control code while shipping boats in the state of Florida. Shipping boats that are smaller is relatively easy; however, according to state law, shipping boats that are larger requires special permits. Fortunately, unlike with marine transport companies, the guidelines to determine if a boat is oversized or not are very clear.

What Must National Boat Transporters Pay Attention to in Florida?

While marine transport companies have their own set of separate regulations to contend with, boat transporters in Florida must pay special attention to the boat’s dimensions while on the road:

·         Height: all boats taller than 13 feet, 6 inches are considered oversized, meaning that all national boat movers must have the appropriate permits and licensing.

·         Width: all boats wider than 8 feet, 6 inches are oversized, meaning all boat transporters in Florida can be held accountable for not meeting the necessary accommodations as a result.

·         Front Overhang: if the boat sticks out more than 3 feet from the front wheel of the trailer, then national boat movers must have a permit for oversized vessels.

·         Rear Overhang: similarly, national boat transporters must keep the distance from the rear wheel to the end of the boat within 3 feet.

·         Weight: although rare, any boat more than 80 thousand pounds is considered oversized, and national boat movers must have the appropriate paperwork.

Boat Transportation and Escorts

Just like with international boat transport, and even with marine transport companies, certain conditions require escort vehicles:

·         Length: if the combined length of the boat transportation company’s truck, trailer and boat exceeds 95 feet, an escort car is required. If national boat transporters have an oversized boat, but do not have escort cars available, they may want to bypass the state of Florida entirely. NOTE: This law applies to two lane highways and secondary roads only.

·         Width: if a boat transportation company is on a highway with multiple lanes –

o   One rear escort: if the width is greater than 12 feet.

o   Rear and front escort: if the width is greater than 14 feet.

o   Police escort: if the boat is wider than 15 feet.

·         Height: international boat transport companies need –

o   One escort: if the loaded boat is taller than 14 feet, 6 inches.

o   Two escorts: if the loaded boat is taller than 16 feet.

o   Site surveying: if the loaded boat is taller than 15 feet, a professional team may be required to determine the best method of international boat transport.