5 Types of International Boat Transport

The 5 Types of International Boat Transport (How Much Does International Boat Shipping Cost) 

International boat shipping is a little different than ordinary boat transport. First and foremost, unlike regular boat shipping, international boat shipping costs more money. However, with this additional international boat shipping cost comes additional perks, making international boat shipping one of the most secure forms of boat transport available.

What Are Your International Boat Shipping Options?

Long-distance marine transport comes in 5 main options. They are:

·         Roll-on/Roll-off: This form of marine transport keeps your boat on the trailer for the entire trip. If you remove or lower booms, antennas, and radar towers, then this will keep your international boat shipping cost at an all-time low (because international boat transport companies usually measure the height when factoring the boat shipping cost).

·         Lift-on/Lift-off: This international boat shipping method loads your vessel onto the transport ship either from the water or (more commonly) by using a crane. Once the vessel is on the cradle of the ship, it is then secured to the deck for the rest of the boat transport journey.

·         Closed Container: Closed container marine transport is when an international boat transport company carries your craft in a special type of enclosed container. This international boat transport method is much less expensive than Roll-on/Roll-off – however, you need to ask for the cheapest one available (most boat transport companies will give you the most expensive by default).

·         Flat Rack: This is the best form of international boat transport companies use for oversized sea vessels. A customized cradle is used along with a flat rack for marine transport. For this boat shipping method, cost is kept down by removing bulky items.

·         Submersion: The international boat transport company loads and unloads your boat directly from the water. Basically, your boat is attached to a transport ship that is safely submerged and taken into the water. When your boat is at the right angle, the transport ship then raises up by draining water until your boat is onboard.

Which International Boat Transport Method is Best for Me?

Most marine transport uses the roll-on/roll-off method or the lift-on/lift-off. Keep in mind, however, that a crane operator will make the lift-on/lift-off method the more expensive option of the two. Ultimately, you have to rely on the boat shipping companies’ expertise – but try to make sure that they are an international boat transport company instead of one who only ships within the country (this way, you won’t run into custom problems).