Absolutely Amazing Boat Transport Video

Absolutely amazing video!

Now THAT is the definition of "Pucker Factor!" Follow us on a 600 mile journey through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to get the "Bets On" back home in one piece. This astounding video will have you holding your breath.

The video's comments say it best:

  • "Absolutely amazing video! Now THAT is the definition of "Pucker Factor"! Glad it went well for you, beautiful MainShip!"
  • "Wow, incredible! You had the best driver available for this transport job. I can't even imagine what you went through on the trip. I'm glad you got your new baby back home."

We Take Pride in Impressing Our Clients

On a good day, Wide Load transports are challenging.  At the start of every shift we know mother nature, and humanity, are going to conspire to make a trip difficult. This is why we plan, plan, and plan some more before moving your baby. You will not believe the amount of planning and careful measurement every trip requires. We are required to meet Department of Transportation laws and regulations. This means that every trip must be uniquely planned, scheduled, and executed. No two jobs are ever the same.

It's like this, when you are moving a boat, you can't just take whichever road you want to drive through. No sir. Every inch of the trip requires permits that restrict us to take the routes the Department of Transportation (DOT) tells us we can legally use.

Every single trip is an adventure filled with close calls, some head scratching and on-the-fly adjustments. As you can see, moving your most beloved possession requires that we perform at our best to overcome all manner of challenges and obstacles we are guaranteed to find along the way.

Life at Express Boat Transport is anything but boring. We are the best because of the deep attention to detail that each team member invests when serving your needs.

We love knowing that our customer satisfaction record remains solid and consistent year after year.

Give us a call so we can chat about, and plan out, your next adventure.