Boats, Yachts and the Water Lifestyle

Ahoy and Greetings Friend!

We know we’ve done a great job when you feel we’ve treated as though you are important.
Regardless of how much we grow as a boat, yacht and heavy equipment mover — or how many national or international clients we add to our roster, Express Boat Transport will be forever entrenched in the community we call home — the active international community of men, women and kids who love to live life on the water. That’s because the people and businesses of this community is what we’re built upon. It’s who we are.

The most common compliment we receive is “The speed at which your crew returns my phone calls is really appreciated. Thank you!” We know you aren’t expecting immediate answers, but simply a prompt response. 

Why do we work so hard on making your move a good experience? It’s simple. We value you and your family’s needs above our own. It is our sincerest desire that through our service and hard work you come to understand that we’d like to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with you. 

There’s 3 things that only the water delivers. What are they? You might ask. The first is simple, the connection to Earth. Owning a boat allows you to sail off to the open waters and enjoy nature in its complete and absolute natural state. It provides more than just an experience, it also provides fresh air that not only feels good once it brushes your skin but it healthy for the body and soul. 

The satisfaction of being able to get your family to join in with you in a deep sea adventure is another thing that can’t be obtained any where else except the water. Taking your kids out on a fishing trip,  teaching them to fly a kite, are all ways the water can allow you to have that stronger family bond. Permitting your loved ones to  experience the wonders the sea has to offer brings forth an almost incomprehensible happiness.  

The water is more than just a place to go have fun and have a good time; it’s a place where you can go connect with yourself and meditate and truly find the spirituality within yourself and the connection between you, the Earth, and a higher being. Its a chance to truly grasp the meaning of life with no interruptions, just you and the waves. Life on the water is more than meets the eyes, so enjoy it, cherish it, and just let the waves bring out the real you.