From Sea to Shining Sea to Anywhere

It was only a simple idea. A kid with a dream bigger than him was about to build his way up unto starting a company that would provide many water lovers the ability to buy a boat almost any where in the world and deliver it to their home.  As a child, business was always something I enjoyed doing. Becoming a business owner was always my personal goal. 

It all started at the age of Sixteen when I began working in a marina as just a helper. My journey began there. A few months went by and I was ascended to manager at Power Marine in Miami, Florida. As the manager, I was in charge of sales, transportation, and mechanics. Working in those fields helped me become knowledgable of the boat industry. My knowledge about the industry was not limited to just the transportation or the sales of boats but it was much more than that. The knowledge I acquired throughout the years in the boat industry ranged from transportation to knowing how to value the customers and how to provide the best service to our costumers. At the age of Twenty-Six, I began working on Trader Publishing and quickly began leading the sales department for the industry. 

Throughout the entire journey, gaining experiences was the kick-start to my dream. I became passionate about boat transportation; where it opened a massive door of opportunity to start my own business helping you in transporting services. 

Keeping the customers happy and delivering the merchandise promptly and in an intact condition has been the factors I value most as I established my business: Express Boat Transport. The company values all our customers and we do so by promising smooth moves, keeping you, the customer in the loop, and to educate you on how to keep your boat & yacht safe before, during and after transport. 

Throughout this journey, the most important thing to me and my company is you, our customers. You are our motivation. Express Boat Transport wants you to enjoy the fruits of all your labor, your family and friends.