5 Types of International Boat Transport

The 5 Types of International Boat Transport (How Much Does International Boat Shipping Cost) 

International boat shipping is a little different than ordinary boat transport. First and foremost, unlike regular boat shipping, international boat shipping costs more money. However, with this additional international boat shipping cost comes additional perks, making international boat shipping one of the most secure forms of boat transport available.

What Are Your International Boat Shipping Options?

Long-distance marine transport comes in 5 main options. They are:

·         Roll-on/Roll-off: This form of marine transport keeps your boat on the trailer for the entire trip. If you remove or lower booms, antennas, and radar towers, then this will keep your international boat shipping cost at an all-time low (because international boat transport companies usually measure the height when factoring the boat shipping cost).

·         Lift-on/Lift-off: This international boat shipping method loads your vessel onto the transport ship either from the water or (more commonly) by using a crane. Once the vessel is on the cradle of the ship, it is then secured to the deck for the rest of the boat transport journey.

·         Closed Container: Closed container marine transport is when an international boat transport company carries your craft in a special type of enclosed container. This international boat transport method is much less expensive than Roll-on/Roll-off – however, you need to ask for the cheapest one available (most boat transport companies will give you the most expensive by default).

·         Flat Rack: This is the best form of international boat transport companies use for oversized sea vessels. A customized cradle is used along with a flat rack for marine transport. For this boat shipping method, cost is kept down by removing bulky items.

·         Submersion: The international boat transport company loads and unloads your boat directly from the water. Basically, your boat is attached to a transport ship that is safely submerged and taken into the water. When your boat is at the right angle, the transport ship then raises up by draining water until your boat is onboard.

Which International Boat Transport Method is Best for Me?

Most marine transport uses the roll-on/roll-off method or the lift-on/lift-off. Keep in mind, however, that a crane operator will make the lift-on/lift-off method the more expensive option of the two. Ultimately, you have to rely on the boat shipping companies’ expertise – but try to make sure that they are an international boat transport company instead of one who only ships within the country (this way, you won’t run into custom problems).

Is Your Boat Oversized? Boat Transportation Laws, Explained!

A comprehensive analysis for determining if you require a special boat transportation company!

Every boat transportation company, whether they are national boat transporters, or local boat transporters from Florida, are required to abide by every word of the Chapter 316 State Uniform Traffic Control code while shipping boats in the state of Florida. Shipping boats that are smaller is relatively easy; however, according to state law, shipping boats that are larger requires special permits. Fortunately, unlike with marine transport companies, the guidelines to determine if a boat is oversized or not are very clear.

What Must National Boat Transporters Pay Attention to in Florida?

While marine transport companies have their own set of separate regulations to contend with, boat transporters in Florida must pay special attention to the boat’s dimensions while on the road:

·         Height: all boats taller than 13 feet, 6 inches are considered oversized, meaning that all national boat movers must have the appropriate permits and licensing.

·         Width: all boats wider than 8 feet, 6 inches are oversized, meaning all boat transporters in Florida can be held accountable for not meeting the necessary accommodations as a result.

·         Front Overhang: if the boat sticks out more than 3 feet from the front wheel of the trailer, then national boat movers must have a permit for oversized vessels.

·         Rear Overhang: similarly, national boat transporters must keep the distance from the rear wheel to the end of the boat within 3 feet.

·         Weight: although rare, any boat more than 80 thousand pounds is considered oversized, and national boat movers must have the appropriate paperwork.

Boat Transportation and Escorts

Just like with international boat transport, and even with marine transport companies, certain conditions require escort vehicles:

·         Length: if the combined length of the boat transportation company’s truck, trailer and boat exceeds 95 feet, an escort car is required. If national boat transporters have an oversized boat, but do not have escort cars available, they may want to bypass the state of Florida entirely. NOTE: This law applies to two lane highways and secondary roads only.

·         Width: if a boat transportation company is on a highway with multiple lanes –

o   One rear escort: if the width is greater than 12 feet.

o   Rear and front escort: if the width is greater than 14 feet.

o   Police escort: if the boat is wider than 15 feet.

·         Height: international boat transport companies need –

o   One escort: if the loaded boat is taller than 14 feet, 6 inches.

o   Two escorts: if the loaded boat is taller than 16 feet.

o   Site surveying: if the loaded boat is taller than 15 feet, a professional team may be required to determine the best method of international boat transport.

Absolutely Amazing Boat Transport Video

Absolutely amazing video!

Now THAT is the definition of "Pucker Factor!" Follow us on a 600 mile journey through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to get the "Bets On" back home in one piece. This astounding video will have you holding your breath.

The video's comments say it best:

  • "Absolutely amazing video! Now THAT is the definition of "Pucker Factor"! Glad it went well for you, beautiful MainShip!"
  • "Wow, incredible! You had the best driver available for this transport job. I can't even imagine what you went through on the trip. I'm glad you got your new baby back home."

We Take Pride in Impressing Our Clients

On a good day, Wide Load transports are challenging.  At the start of every shift we know mother nature, and humanity, are going to conspire to make a trip difficult. This is why we plan, plan, and plan some more before moving your baby. You will not believe the amount of planning and careful measurement every trip requires. We are required to meet Department of Transportation laws and regulations. This means that every trip must be uniquely planned, scheduled, and executed. No two jobs are ever the same.

It's like this, when you are moving a boat, you can't just take whichever road you want to drive through. No sir. Every inch of the trip requires permits that restrict us to take the routes the Department of Transportation (DOT) tells us we can legally use.

Every single trip is an adventure filled with close calls, some head scratching and on-the-fly adjustments. As you can see, moving your most beloved possession requires that we perform at our best to overcome all manner of challenges and obstacles we are guaranteed to find along the way.

Life at Express Boat Transport is anything but boring. We are the best because of the deep attention to detail that each team member invests when serving your needs.

We love knowing that our customer satisfaction record remains solid and consistent year after year.

Give us a call so we can chat about, and plan out, your next adventure.

Inner Peace, Tranquility and Water

In my own life, I rely on early morning prayers to prepare for the challenges and opportunities the new day holds in store for me, my loved ones and our business associates. Today I meditated about the meaning and importance of water.

Water is the vital central source of your being. Spending time on water with your loved ones, in communion with nature, opens the door to discover, not only a vital Spiritual connection that goes back to the beginning of time, it leads you and your loved ones to become closer, healthier and happier.

I experience a profound peace to contemplate how water plays a central a role in belief systems throughout the world. Some of my earliest Spiritual experiences began through baptism, and other ritual uses of water, that are a central component of the world's religions and spiritual traditions.

Water is the great purifier. We wash away our sins, we cleanse our wounds, and our tears bring release. Across the ages creation stories begin with water as a central theme. For example, the Hopi indians creation story starts with "In the beginning, the earth was nothing but water," and in the Bible's book of Genesis, you'll find "The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters." I believe that the healing powers of water can directly be traced back to the intimate relationship between God and water.

As a whole, your body is made of about 60 percent water. Water regulates your temperature, moves nutrients through your cells, keeps your membranes moist and flushes waste and toxins from your body. The very air you breathe, and the food you eat, that gives you life requires a lot of water to process -- your lungs are 90 percent water, your brains are 70 percent water and your blood is more than 80 percent water. Water is part of every cell and fiber in you; it is your very essence. [source: Mayo Clinic]

Water is your ultimate connection to everything. Water is the common denominator that weaves your life in communion with the earth, land animals, sea creatures, and plants. Water is what everything and everyone has in common. It's awesome and humbling to consider that there has been the same amounts of water on the earth from its inception. This is why I see boating as a gift. To live a healthy balanced life, it is our collective spiritual obligation to be water's caretakers. 

Which brings me to something I'd like to share with you: when I see one of our trailers full of vessels, I don't simply see it as "another load that needs haulin'." What I see is much greater than that -- I see you with your family and loved ones growing closer, thanks to the many experiences that will be shared on these beautiful vessels. Our crew treats each vessel as the container of your most cherished memories. Each vessel must be treated with the deep respect you and your family so richly deserve.

Have a great day. And thank you for spending these moments with me. Better yet, go spend time with your loved ones on the water. You deserve it.

Are We There Yet?

Technology has become an essential part of our society. Our clients consistently express their appreciation for the investments we make in implementing cutting edge technology. Our company prides itself in being a logistics company with access to the best technology that enables us to execute a detailed coordination of a complex operation -- involving many people, multi-state governmental transportation agencies that are focused on transporting goods and services, on time and on budget. 

A key ingredient in helping you have an great transporting experience is the efficiency of  our operations. With all the new cutting edge technology, efficiency is an essential part of the services we provide. 

Safety and convenience is one thing customers expect from our company when acquiring our services. Express Boat Transport provides both a safe handling of your boat, as well as the most convenient methods of transport it. Our crew maintains records of all the trips and and stays in contact with our drivers to assure that delivery becomes as smooth as possible. Our main focus is to provide you with the level of service you've come to expect -- as well as to provide safety and convenience. 

From Sea to Shining Sea to Anywhere

It was only a simple idea. A kid with a dream bigger than him was about to build his way up unto starting a company that would provide many water lovers the ability to buy a boat almost any where in the world and deliver it to their home.  As a child, business was always something I enjoyed doing. Becoming a business owner was always my personal goal. 

It all started at the age of Sixteen when I began working in a marina as just a helper. My journey began there. A few months went by and I was ascended to manager at Power Marine in Miami, Florida. As the manager, I was in charge of sales, transportation, and mechanics. Working in those fields helped me become knowledgable of the boat industry. My knowledge about the industry was not limited to just the transportation or the sales of boats but it was much more than that. The knowledge I acquired throughout the years in the boat industry ranged from transportation to knowing how to value the customers and how to provide the best service to our costumers. At the age of Twenty-Six, I began working on Trader Publishing and quickly began leading the sales department for the industry. 

Throughout the entire journey, gaining experiences was the kick-start to my dream. I became passionate about boat transportation; where it opened a massive door of opportunity to start my own business helping you in transporting services. 

Keeping the customers happy and delivering the merchandise promptly and in an intact condition has been the factors I value most as I established my business: Express Boat Transport. The company values all our customers and we do so by promising smooth moves, keeping you, the customer in the loop, and to educate you on how to keep your boat & yacht safe before, during and after transport. 

Throughout this journey, the most important thing to me and my company is you, our customers. You are our motivation. Express Boat Transport wants you to enjoy the fruits of all your labor, your family and friends.

Boats, Yachts and the Water Lifestyle

Ahoy and Greetings Friend!

We know we’ve done a great job when you feel we’ve treated as though you are important.
Regardless of how much we grow as a boat, yacht and heavy equipment mover — or how many national or international clients we add to our roster, Express Boat Transport will be forever entrenched in the community we call home — the active international community of men, women and kids who love to live life on the water. That’s because the people and businesses of this community is what we’re built upon. It’s who we are.

The most common compliment we receive is “The speed at which your crew returns my phone calls is really appreciated. Thank you!” We know you aren’t expecting immediate answers, but simply a prompt response. 

Why do we work so hard on making your move a good experience? It’s simple. We value you and your family’s needs above our own. It is our sincerest desire that through our service and hard work you come to understand that we’d like to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with you. 

There’s 3 things that only the water delivers. What are they? You might ask. The first is simple, the connection to Earth. Owning a boat allows you to sail off to the open waters and enjoy nature in its complete and absolute natural state. It provides more than just an experience, it also provides fresh air that not only feels good once it brushes your skin but it healthy for the body and soul. 

The satisfaction of being able to get your family to join in with you in a deep sea adventure is another thing that can’t be obtained any where else except the water. Taking your kids out on a fishing trip,  teaching them to fly a kite, are all ways the water can allow you to have that stronger family bond. Permitting your loved ones to  experience the wonders the sea has to offer brings forth an almost incomprehensible happiness.  

The water is more than just a place to go have fun and have a good time; it’s a place where you can go connect with yourself and meditate and truly find the spirituality within yourself and the connection between you, the Earth, and a higher being. Its a chance to truly grasp the meaning of life with no interruptions, just you and the waves. Life on the water is more than meets the eyes, so enjoy it, cherish it, and just let the waves bring out the real you.